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Additional information, if any, which you would liketo mention in support of your suitability for the post. NPw2012-2030(Applied for#)(2nd attempt)********************************************(iii) affiliation with professional bodies/institutions/societies :university of (delhi,rajasthan,ajmer,and Himachal Pradesh); ICAR, CSIR, ICMR; NOBEL PRIZE ORG; INDIAN JOURNALS; PRINCETONPRESS; OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION OF THE WORLD AND INDIA; IIT AND IISC; DRDO AND DIPAS; SGN KHALSACOLLEGE, B T C DAV COLLEGE; CSWRI; NOBEL PRIZE JOURNAL• any other information: RESULT AWAITING FOR MY FIRST ATTEMPT 2005 TO 20 AT NOBEL PRIZE AS NOBELPRIZE REVIEWER OF NOBELLAUREATE WORKS 1901-2011 AS ADVANCE BOOK OF NOBEL PRIZE PROPOSALS WITH DISCOVERIESINVENTIONS AND ITS PROPOSALS ONLINE SUBMITTED TO [email protected];(150discoveries,inventions;250-1100 proposals;12000 or more scientific papers to be completed by Nobellaureates for the drugs medicines vaccines instruments for treatment of aids cancer Alzheimer and Parkinsonetc from the three submitted discovery invention papers in 2005,06,07:behavior,nutrition,reproduction:humans:to zoological realms:2008,2009:formulas;2010:technological:biochemical,genetics,biotechnology,immunology,evolution,ecology, Biophysics etc :zoological approaches(applied zoology) and its medicinal applications;(reviewedbooks:ramarao:biochemistry;pkgupta:cytogenetics;dubey:biotechnology);2011:reproduction• Second attempt permission granted for nobel prize examinations online 2012-2030:from nominators anddepartment(same persons): TOPIC:(RED ANTS FROM KERALA….): R. R C JAKHMOLA, SMALL RUMINANT NUTRITION RESEARCH LAB, NUTRITION DIVISION, CENTRAL SHEEP AND WOOL RESEARCHINSTITUTE, AVIKANAGAR, MALPURA, TONK, RAJASTHAN,2000-01*Dr. ASHOK KUMAR, HOD, DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY,1999-2000&2001UNIVERSITY OF RAJASTHAN, JAIPUR*Dr. .(My temporary/permanent address)*Employer Name : DIRECTOR, PRINCIPAL, SJS, KUNDARA, KERALA (TEMP. My sincere thanks for the experiences gained from VC's (Dr. Bush to Barrack Obama can be seen in my international research works which receives my thanks andcompliments. Duration: From march 2000 to june 2001Ex senior research fellow(2001-2004)Client Name: NOBEL PRIZE ORG karolinskastockholmsweden Duration: From Sep 2005 To Dec 2011;npwork2005-11(61)From Dec 11, 2009 to Jan 31, 2010(FOR NEXT NOMINATION SENT)(SUB ATTEMPTS OF FIRST ATTEMPT), Ex nobel prize pursuer w.r.t. SECOND ATTEMPT :(2012-2025-2029-20); THIRD ATTEMPT(2031-2001): Address:c/o afstntrivandrum.

Office/Instt./Organisation Post held From To Scale of pay andbasic pay therein Nature ofdutiesperformed1. Present Pay & Grade Pay / Pay Band : nil; pocket money(residential)9. JOINT CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF(APPLIEDFOR#)(U S A )(based on cds 1995 selections if made via fp and mi specializations for ww3 ;ranks lt colto general top joint chief;mcp 2002 curse based;joint exercises 2002-2011)(for the technologicalapproaches of latest psychological warfares in ww3:and behavioural resistance:a research cum review of thediscovery of mcp 2002 by me under gods and goddess guidances or any mimic or models presented inbehaviour)(refer rsdunpwork2005-)7. UNNITHAN;similarily the thirdattempt:2031-20(enclose a separate sheet if the space is insufficient) (nb:9 sheets confidential attached)Date:; Signature of candidate: dkunnithan(r.s.d.unnithan)_r&t,d&I,npwork2005-11,z,l,e.b,n,r.(30-31-37 yr category at nobel prize examination)Address:puthiyaveedu, chengamanaduvpo,pin 691557 ,kottarkara, kollam ,kerala,india,9142646622,914742069460; postal account :351306,chengamandu po,pin [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected],[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]____________________________________It is certified that particulars furnished are correct and no disciplinary case is either pending orcontemplated against the officer and no penalty, major or minor, was imposed on the officer during the last10 years and his integrity is beyond doubt. and INTERNATIONAL NOBEL LAUREATE (NOBEL PRIZEREVIEWER, DISCOVERER, INVENTOR...)FOR FUTURE INERNATIONAL MEETS:dear sir,madam,kindly consider my application for the suitable posts.thankyou, Dkunnithan,r&t,d&i,npwork2005-11,12z,l,e.b,n,r25/3/2012(30-31-37-38 yr category)r.s.d.unnithan,voter id no.-JMP3211133,driving licence no.-929ktr04,defence id -s/o-shri. R., PILLAI-no.-ker06 017241).r&t,d&i,npwork2005-11,12-61,62z,l,e.b,n,r.puthiyaveedu,chengamanaduvpo,pin 691557kottarakarakollamkeralaindia91.474.2069460--Photograph of EX. NOBELPRIZE PURSUER(2005-)(FIRST ATTEMPT AS MANY SUB ATTEMPTS AT NOBEL PRIZE EXAMINATIONFOR NOBEL PRIZE ONLINE W. MURALEEDHARAN, IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH LAB, UOD, DELHI-7, INDIA*Dr. POST)Job Profile: TEACHING P G COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ,at University Of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India. .(My temporary/permanent address)*Employer Name : DIRECTOR, PRINCIPAL, NKPS, JAIPUR, RAJASTHANDuration: July 2001 FEW DAYSDesignation: LECTURER/TEACHER, JAIPUR(TEMP. BOARD)Job Profile: TEACHING SCHOOL STUDENTS Address: c/o afstnjaipur. Special thanks to my interdisciplinary interactional guidances of DRDO then director Raghavan, CSWRI then director B U Khan. Kalam, Prathiba Patil, Honorable American President George W.

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NOBEL PRIZE AWARD WORK 2005 TO20(FIRST ATTEMPT: ONLINEEXAMINATIONS&EVALUATIONS OFDISCOVERIES INVENTIONS SUBMITTED)ZOOLOGY: PHYSIOLOGY&MEDICINE(APPLIED ZOOLOGY: MEDICINALAPPLICATIONS), PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, LITERATURE, RELIGION)4. Phil , Other , 1998Delhi University Key Skillsresearch and teaching,sports. Sc , Pass Course , 1995Himachal Pradesh University Key Skillsresearch and teaching discoverer inventor nobel prize pursuer zoology lifesciences entomology behaviournutrition reproduction . UNNITHANdear sir,madam,kindly consider my application for the suitable posts/suitable examinations.thankyou, Dkunnithan,r&t,d&i,npwork2005-11,z,l,e.b,n,r25/3/2012(30-31-37-38 yr category)r.s.d.unnithan,puthiyaveeduchengamanaduvpo 691557[voter id-jmp3211133drivinglicence no.-929/ktr/04govt.employment exchange no.(professional/executive)trivandrum,chakai-06/462.postal account no:351306,chengamanadu po.]r&t,d&i,npwork2005-2011-2061,z,l,e.b,n,r.puthiyaveedu,chengamanaduvpo,pin 691557kottarak[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]@yahoo.com******************************************reference:*Dr. H C Agarwall(biochemistry), INSECT BEHAVIOUR RESEARCH LAB,1997-98-99, DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI, DELHI-7*Dr. WORLD RECORD BROKEN PERSONAL BEST IN 100M,200M, SHOT PUT, DISCUS, WALK RACE(100M), WEIGHT LIFTINGS/POWERLIFTING(BENCH PRESS)(2008-09)2.1993-95, BEST ATHLETE AT BBS, BIKANER (SCHOOLINGS), DAV COLLEGE IN 100M PARTICIPANT &WINNER OF SHOT PUTFOR THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS.3. POST/ADHOC POST)Job Profile: NATP ICAR / IVRI BASED RESEARCH WORKSAddress: c/o afstnjaipur.

PRESIDENT OF INDIA(Signature with Stamp)(THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL)(ONLINE/POST)Created on: 25 march 2012Confidential[Edit]Confidential Location: Kollam Phone: Confidential, Confidential Email: Confidential Alternate Email: Confidential[Edit]Date of Birth: Gender: Male Nationality: Indiabiodata of r.s.d.unnithan[Edit]Work Experience: 35 years Skills: research teaching sports flying Industry: Any Function: Human Resources Roles: Other Human Resource Current Employer: Confidential Current Annual Salary: 0.00 lacs per annum Previous Employer: university of rajasthan(uts/urs)Highest Degree Held: Mphil, Other Science, Delhi University Year of Passing: 1998Preferred Job Location: Anywhere Desired Job Type: Permanent Full Time Detailed Resume[Edit]biodata of r s d unnithandevkumarunnithan Kollam (Quilon), India Home : 91-474-2069460Mobile : 91-9142646622Email : [email protected] M. DRAWINGS CAD, VB.(ADDRESS: C/O AF STN JAIPUR),(TRIVANDRUM).3. OF DELHI, DELHI-7(ADDRESS: C/O AF STN DELHI(AIR HQRS, VAYU BHAVAN) AND HOSTELROOM-184(JUBILLEE HALL, UOD)(ROOM NO.324-MANSAROVAR HOSTEL)(RESEARCHERS HOSTEL)(CAPITAL OF THE NATION)Sports:(updated applied for)1. MY RESEARCH , REVIEW , TEACHING WORKS.*Previous Employer : DIRECTOR , MIMS, UOR, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN. Duration : Jul 2001 To Dec 2001Job Profile : TEACHING POST GRADUATE DEGREE HOLDERS. (My temporary/permanentaddress)**Other Employers*Employer Name : DIRECTOR CSWRI AVIKANAGAR , MALPURA, TONK via JAIPUR, RAJASTHANDuration: Mar 2000 to Jun 2001Designation: SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW(TEMP.


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