Dating a personal trainer

For one, people often seek out a trainer when they're dealing with body insecurities, which is sort of an odd place for romance to spark.

I’ve definitely seen those people at the gym, usually groups of guys grunting and snapping pics for Instagram. Who wants to be in the back of one of those photos, dripping with sweat and flailing through a final set of sit-ups?My son isn't affiliated with any gym and would never try to sell anybody something they don't want and he has no problems offering advice if people ask - he'd rather someone do the exercises properly than risk the possibility of injury because they were afraid to ask for help. he gets approached while he's at the gym by people who want him to train them. He works with them and as although they aren't at his level of expertise they get the proper instructions without risking injury. I hired a personal trainer almost a month ago and it's the best thing I've ever done.He is not just a trainer..he's a motivator, instructor, and has become a friend."I imagine it may be uncomfortable to see your trainer/significant other working closely with others in a similar environment to your own," says Doug Sklar, founder of Philanthro FIT and a certified personal trainer.Basically, a trainer's job has jealousy-provoking built right in.Luckily, though, she’s the most upbeat and motivational person I know, and she’s really body positive.


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