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I’ve had the same Phillips screwdriver for about 30 years. The funny thing is I keep losing it, but it always seems to show up again, like Indiana Jones’s hat. I’m one of those engineers that simply calculator within reach at all times. There is just something special about hardware dedicated to and designed for a specific task.

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The people who responded — many of them older or in the military — exchanged photos with people they thought were adult women, the U. The victims were told they were facing charges of soliciting a minor and that warrants had been issued for their arrest, court documents show.

I do like to dust it off occasionally and make some measurements for old time’s sake. The information revolution has completely and permanently changed the landscape of electronics design.

If I could have only one software tool it would be a web browser. One rather nasty one though was on a third party TMS320 based data logger that ran a Forth based OS written in some German compiler I didn’t understand.

The pretend agents sent paperwork labeled with the official Department of Homeland Security seal and a judge’s name.

The letters were laced with legal terms related to child exploitation, and email addresses included phrases such as “child exploitation” and “cyber crimes center.”Victims were directed to Walmart locations to send payments through money-transfer services such as Money Gram and Western Union.


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