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The company said total sales through draws, scratchcards and online games came down by almost £670m to £6,925.3 million in the year ending March 31, 2017.

Leverages Nokia’s broad IP & Optical Network service assurance applications, extends them to multivendor SDN networks RDCM reported Q2 revenues up 49% Yo Y and 18c EPS.Camelot has responded by promising a strategic review of how it runs the Lotto and Euro Millions draws.And it also warned that the decline in ticket sales and support for good causes is expected to continue this year, raising suspicions the nation has fallen out of love with the Lotto.It is too subdued for Scorsese-philes, too violent for the most devout, and too abstruse for the great many moviegoers who such an expensive undertaking hopes to attract (which no doubt explains why Scorsese was compelled to cast “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor Andrew Garfield and two “Star Wars” stars).Still, viewed through the narrow prism of films about faith, “Silence” is a remarkable achievement, tackling as it does a number of Big Questions in a medium that, owing to its commercial nature, so often shies away from Christianity altogether.You just hear the Scottish voice and you can hear a man with a set of heavy feet that are connected to the ground.


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